Process mining is a method of process analysis that uses data from IT systems to analyze and visualize business processes. It is a data-based method for process optimization based on the analysis of log data and other data sources that are generated during the execution of business processes.

Why analyze processes?

Process mining combines many advantages

Improved transparency

Process mining enables your company to get a detailed overview of your business processes in order to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks.

Higher efficiency

By optimising processes and eliminating inefficiencies, your company benefits in shortening lead times. It also increases productivity and reduces costs.

Better decision making

With process mining, your company can make informed decisions based on data rather than guesswork or gut feelings.

Identification of compliance violations

Process mining can help identify and remediate violations of internal and external regulations.

Optimization of customer processes

Process mining can help to optimise customer processes and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Process automation

Process mining can help your company automate processes and thus reduce manual work.

Flexibility and adaptability

Process mining enables your organisation to continuously monitor and adapt processes to meet changes in the business environment or customer needs.

Overall, by using process mining, your organisation can optimise business processes, increase efficiency and make informed decisions to achieve their goals.


So far we offer this service in the following industries: Certification, Automotive, Energy, Logistics, Playground and Banking.


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