We accept each other as we are and seek exchange.

For us, an
open dialogue 
culture is part
of it all.

At SprintEins, ideas are heard and everyone's perspective is welcome. We have the courage to tackle even difficult topics and conversations and give direct feedback. This creates a shared sense of responsibility for working together and for the quality of software.

We create transparency, experience freedom and develop solutions that are really needed.

Instead of hierarchies, we focus on turning our strengths into roles. There are no single persons in charge.

People Success Lead

Self-elected by the employees. Takes care of personal well-being and individual development. Acts as a personal contact person, offering advice and support.


Customer Success Lead

Ensures that our customers are happy and our projects are successful. Ensures follow-up orders and exploits sales opportunities - so that we can continue to address relevant and exciting topics in the future.

Domain Lead

Identifies the issues of the future, trains staff, teaches skills and promotes knowledge transfer. Uses internal projects to test new technologies and methods.


Contributes with conviction and competence, drives the success of the project as part of the team. Shows initiative, continues training and shares his or her knowledge with colleagues.


9 values for an environment where agility is truly lived – from Sprint One onwards.

  • With this vision in mind, Andre and Dennis founded SprintEins in 2013. Their values have been with us ever since. We all transfer them into our own everyday lives and develop them further.

  • Trust the individual

    We prefer to give trust instead of exercising control. We ourselves value the freedom to act on our convictions. Anyone who takes the initiative should be given this opportunity.


  • Reflect

    With the some distance, things appear in a different light and can be reassessed. This helps us to broaden our view and to include additional aspects.


  • Listen

    We focus on listening and understanding rather than answering. Our opinion is one of many and could be wrong. We want to avoid false assumptions and recognise the true motivations.


  • Live intelligently

    We avoid overtime. Instead, we are focused while we work and make use of smart techniques to simplify, speed up or improve our work.


  • Educate yourself further

    For us, further education is not just a buzzword, but the basis of our work. Our demands on ourselves are always higher than those from outside.


  • Be Grateful

    Our work environment often requires us to expose grievances and identify weaknesses. We gain the energy for this by being grateful for the things that are going well and for what we have already achieved.


  • Transparency

    Sharing knowledge is a core habit for us. We do not hide our thoughts, convictions, strengths and weaknesses, but share them and thus help others.


  • Fun and joy

    We don't see struggling as necessary, but as a sign that we are on the wrong path. This does not mean that we do not like to work a lot, but that we want to have fun doing it.


  • Welcome change

    What works well in one situation today may have the opposite effect tomorrow. We understand change as a necessary means for healthy development and are always open to new solutions.


We are a team. The results of our work a team effort.

So we also celebrate together. Sometimes over a cold beer, sometimes in the climbing gym. But always in the best company.