For the past eight years, it has been a tradition at SprintEins to give customers and friends tartufi for Christmas. As the number of contacts grew, so did the challenge of sourcing the treats. This year, the tartufi shortage reached its peak. The little treats had become so scarce that they even became the target of a brazen theft last week ...

One video,
one team —
fun at work

  • Timo

    The ambitious crook aka Software Developer

  • Benedikt

    The nervous first-timer aka Software Developer

  • Arlo

    The French Connection aka
    Domain Lead

  • Siu

    The silent threat aka
    Working Student

  • Theresa

    The Godmother aka Customer Success Lead

  • Florian

    The involuntary hero aka Managing Director

  • Patrick

    the supporting actor aka Customer Success Lead

  • Christian

    the stand-in actor aka Marketing Team Lead

  • Gonzalo

    The Shooting Man aka Filmmaker

Dear Network of Exceptional Taste, we wish you and your loved ones a relaxing Advent season and a happy New Year!

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