We don't believe in work-life blending.

Instead, we prefer to create a working environment in which work is a pleasure and no one comes home too late. Good solutions are developed by motivated employees.

The Work&Family Audit

Our own needs are strongly influenced by the current phase of our lives. That is why we are constantly developing our working environment together, in workshops and feedback rounds. We have been awarded the berufundfamilie certificate since 2018.

We take concrete measures to ensure the compatibility of work, family and private life. They relate, for example, to the areas of work organization, working hours/location, communication and personnel development.

Not just talk - but do!
  • Work organisation

    • Ergonomics package for everyone
    • height-adjustable desks and call boxes
    • weekly yoga class
  • Working time and place

    • Working hours on a trust basis
    • Flexible workplace
  • Communication

    • transparent company decisions, weekly news meeting with everyone
    • holistic information and support for (expectant) parents
  • Human resources development

    • professional and personal development in the SprintEins aka
    • Leaders Club for all leads to exchange ideas and develop roles further