Timebox. Every meeting should be timeboxed.

SprintEins has developed a platform-independent, intuitive timer web app for use in Scrum projects.

We know from experience that the time window for appointments should not only be defined, but also adhered to. If an appointment is terminated immediately after the Timebox has expired, this initially causes irritation and confused looks. However, this measure has a rather positive effect: the next appointments are carried out with more focus on results and content. True to the Scrum motto: "Inspect and Adapt".

Timer with Scrum for Scrum

For our projects, we have not found a timer that meets our requirements: intuitive operation, visibility for all participants, tailored to Scrum projects. And the timer also had to look appealing. That's why we simply developed our own timer with a small Scrum team. The result: A Timebox app for mobile devices and browsers, and that even platform-independent.

Timebox the next meeting with the web app.


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