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We prefer to solve problems with user-centered software that we develop in an agile manner – from the first innovative prototype to the ready-to-use application. Speed is crucial for success.

Introduction Project Journey

Agile software projects always have risks. We do not ignore that.

In addition to our risk management, each project undergoes an individualised Project Journey. It serves as a guideline that applies our experience to all project phases and thus makes it possible to continuously measure where the project currently stands and how we should set priorities.

Project Journey APP

  • The SprintEins Project Journey using the Young Money App as an example.

  • Ideate – in days

    Product Vision

    With the clearly defined project goal in mind, we analyse, test and sharpen the vision. In an exchange with users and customers about technologies and needs, a first simple prototype is created.

  • Experiment – in weeks


    The product vision is outlined, the core processes are in place. Technical risks and NFRs are documented and define the guideline for the architecture and development of the software. A roadmap of the release targets is created.

  • Build – in months


    The relevant core functions are made tangible in a Minimum Viable Product, project-critical insights and learnings are possible. Based on these, the goals are optimised.

  • Grow – in years


    The software is further developed in continuous process steps. Quality and robustness have priority. Through constant feedback, requirements are recorded and taken into account in the development.

  • Sustain – in years


    The concept, vision and implementation of the software will be further analysed, updated and expanded. The focus is on optimising the operating costs.

Services Interactive NEW


Deliver faster and achieve more. Agile methods as the cornerstone for high-quality software.

User Experience

Increasing efficiency through interaction concepts without detours. Build. Measure. Learn.


Increase Impact & Reduce Effort. Wir schlagen die Brücke von der Idee zur Realität.

Enterprise Architecture

Quality over Hype. We make architecture decisions systematically and justifiably.

Release Engineering

Assured quality and short "time to market" through fast, automated release cycles.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent solutions for more efficient work and fewer routine tasks.

In agile teams we bundle the strengths

We combine the strengths of our employees in agile teams, according to need.

For the entire product development cycle, we assemble a team consisting of strategists, designers and technologists.

Services for the success of digital products

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