Transforming energy networks. Fast, efficient and resource-saving
The shift to renewable energy requires new approaches to ensure continued security of supply.

Our approach is to homogenize and make more efficient the processes for planning and coordinating with suppliers by offering solutions based on open source technology and following the

IEC 61850 standard. We created several UI prototypes and regularly gathered feedback from users and the community to improve the usability of our solution.

In the future, Europe's energy supply is to be secured by renewable energies. In the changeover, security of supply in particular is a major challenge. Load peaks and load distribution will change significantly in the future.

To meet these challenges, among other things the power grids must be modernized, digitized and expanded in a much shorter time than before. To this end, the existing processes for planning and coordinating with suppliers must also be homogenized and made more efficient.

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Our strategy: We support our customers with solutions that simplify existing processes for planning and coordination based on the IEC61850 standard and make them more efficient.

The implementation is based on open source solutions so that these can also be used by other network operators within the industry and is also made available as open source.

Synergy effects can be achieved in this way, as the network operators benefit from mutual know-how and uniform processes.


The technologies used were Svelte in addition to Javascript & Typescript.


In addition to IEC61850 and OpenSCD, we used LF Energy and Figma.

We implemented the necessary functions as plugins for the existing open source solution "OpenSCD", which is also used as a frontend by LF Energy, for example, to achieve a high reach. To ensure the intuitive usability for the target group, we create different UI prototypes, which we tested with some users and the community.


Thanks to our iterative approach, we were able to regularly gather feedback on the implementation status andcontinuously integrate improvements. Within 4 months , we were able to provide the first plugins for optimizing the engineering process.

It is time to optimize and rethink processes!

We help you with this and walk the path together with you – from the product vision to the finished individual solution.

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Transforming energy networks. Fast, efficient and resource-saving

When switching to renewable energies, security of supply is a major challenge above all. Peak loads and load distribution will change significantly in the future. We offer support through open source software for efficient data logging and help companies that want to go innovative ways.


Europe to be supplied by renewable energies in future

  • Difficulty: Security of supply - changing load peaks and load distribution
  • Electricity grids must be modernised, digitalised and expanded more quickly
  • Processes for planning and coordination with suppliers must be homogenised and made more efficient


Support customers with solutions to simplify processes and make them more efficient.

  • Solutions are based on the IEC 61850 standard and are open-source-based.
  • The aim is to share know-how and uniform processes among network operators in order to achieve synergy effects


First plug-ins for optimising the engineering process available within 4 months

  • Plugins for open source solution "OpenSCD"
  • High reach through use of "OpenSCD" as frontend
  • Creation of UI prototypes for intuitive use
  • Iterative approach with feedback from users and community


Use of technologies such as Javascript & Typescript and Svelte


LF Energy