Digital power grids are power grids that are improved by integrating advanced digital technology and smart devices such as sensors, controllers and switches. These digital technologies enable the power grid to collect, analyse and use real-time data. This can optimise power flow, increase efficiency and improve reliability.

From old to new

Why it makes sense to invest in digital power grids and replace old systems

Efficiency increase

Digital power grids increase the efficiency of the power grid by better controlling and optimising power consumption. This can lead to a reduction in energy consumption and energy costs.


Because they are able to respond automatically to faults or failures and enable the rapid restoration of power supplies, digital power grids are considered more reliable than conventional power grids.

Integration of renewable energies

Digital power grids can better integrate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power into the power grid. Integrating renewable energy sources can reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce environmental impact.


More flexible than traditional power grids: With digital power grids, the network topology can be adapted to meet the requirements of peak loads and decentralised power generators.

Data acquisition and analysis

Digital power grids continuously collect data on consumption and power. This data can be used to analyze consumption trends and plan investments in the power grid.

Power management

By automatically controlling and monitoring power flows, digital power grids enable better power management.

Customer participation

Digital power grids offer a better opportunity for customers to participate in power generation and distribution. For example, customers can feed renewable energy into the grid and store electricity to feed it back during peak demand.

Overall, digital power grids can help to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the power grid. In sum, this leads to better use of energy and a reduction in costs and environmental impact.


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