Efficiency increase through interaction concepts without detours. Build. Measure. Learn.

We make product visions tangible with UX design. Using various techniques, ideas are tested and validated early in the development process. For this purpose, we use 'Vision Thinking' methodologies that were developed specifically at SprintEins.


Products must be tangible in order to convey ideas and enthusiasm. We achieve this through creating prototypes early in the development process. We use wireframes, mockups and prototyping to make the concrete idea of the product and its functionality palpable. With the evaluated feedback we avoid detours later in the course of the project.

UI and UX design

The visual impression is conveyed by different design variants that are oriented to the user processes and the corporate design. The usability of our applications is firmly at the forefront. A user interface concept and the user interaction design form the basis for inspiring products that are characterised by their simplicity of use.

  • Methodology &

    was developed at SprintEins and is the consistent continuation of the Design Thinking approach, which puts the users and their needs in the focus. Vision thinking is a sustainable, goal-oriented approach that draws on the power of a shared vision. All activities are oriented towards the pre-defined vision to which all participants are committed. In iterative steps, the initially abstract vision is concretised, made tangible and finally implemented by SprintEins until it is ready for the market.



    From zero to product vision in one week. Our Vision Sprint is divided into 5 phases. In the first phase everything revolves around the users, their needs and problems. Then as many solution ideas as possible are generated. A few ideas are brought to life through prototypes. At the end of the sprint, there is a tangible version of the product and the product vision.


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