Transportation and logistics systems involve the planning, execution, and control of transportation and logistics processes to move goods from one location to another. They involve a variety of activities, such as planning transportation routes, dispatching vehicles, tracking shipments, and coordinating activities between different actors in the supply chain.

From manual to digital

The use of digital products in transport and logistics systems makes sense for the following reasons

Efficiency increase

Digitalisation allows processes to be automated and optimized, resulting in a more efficient supply chain. The automation of booking and ordering processes as well as the optimization of routes, reduce the effort for manual processes and increase efficiency.

Cost savings

By reducing manual processes, errors and costs can be reduced. The more efficient use of resources and the avoidance of waste also contribute to cost savings.

Transparency in delivery

For example, with the help of digitalisation, shipments can be tracked in real time, which allows for greater transparency and better control over the transport process. Customers can be informed about the progress of their shipments, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Transparency about the transport process

Transparency for the collection of consignments from major logistics customers is also increased through the use of digitalisation, which enables better planning in logistics centres.

Safety improvement

Digitalisation can improve safety standards through the monitoring and management of transports. Furthermore, digitalisation can also help to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Overall, the digitalisation of transport and logistics systems offers numerous advantages, such as efficiency gains, cost savings, improved transparency and higher customer satisfaction.


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For transport and logistics systems we use the following technologies: CLOUD: Microsoft Azure MOBILE: Android, Xamarin FRONTEND: React, Angular BACKEND: Java, NodeJs, C# INFRA+TOOLS: Docker, Jenkins, Azure, Kubernetes, GitHub


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