Customized storage systems are tailor-made solutions for the storage of goods and materials that are tailored to the specific requirements and needs of a company. These systems are designed and implemented either by specialized companies or by in-house warehouse and logistics experts.

Made to measure

What advantages the use of customized storage systems can offer

Increase productivity

By customising the storage system to the specific requirements of a company, productivity can be increased. For example, an optimised storage system helps goods to be found and picked more quickly, which shortens throughput times and increases productivity.

Efficient use of storage space

By customising your company's storage systems, they can be used more efficiently. This can help save space and costs.

Higher storage capacity and density

Custom storage systems can help increase storage capacity and density by being specifically designed to store certain goods. This can help store more goods in a limited space and increase productivity.

Safety improvement

Customising your storage system ensures compliance with specific security requirements. For example, it may be designed to safely store heavy loads or restrict access to certain goods to prevent theft or damage.

Higher accuracy and reliability in the storage and picking of goods

A customised storage system can help improve accuracy and reliability when storing and picking goods. For example, it includes shelves or drawers that are specifically designed for the size and shape of the stored goods to prevent errors and damage.

Cost reduction

Customised storage systems reduce costs by helping to use space more efficiently, improve accuracy when storing and picking goods, and increase productivity.

Overall, individual storage systems offer specially adapted solutions for the storage and management of goods and materials. They can help to make better use of available space, increase storage capacity and density and improve safety.


We currently use individual storage systems in the following industry: Logistics.


To implement individual warehouse systems, we use the following technologies: CLOUD: Microsoft Azure MOBILE: Android FRONTEND : React BACKEND: Java INFRA+TOOLS: Azure, Kubernetes, GitHub


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