Agile Teams at Scale refers to the use of agile methods and practices in large organizations consisting of multiple teams. It is a method for scaling agile practices to create consistent workflows and a common goal.

What is the reason for this?

There are some benefits that are emerging from using Agile Teams at Scale

Better flexibility

Agile Teams at Scale enable your company to react promptly and flexibly to changes in the market. Agile methods ensure that teams can react and adapt quickly to new requirements.

More efficient processes

Agile Teams at Scale improve the efficiency of business processes by ensuring that teams work closely together and adhere to consistent workflows and standards. This can save time and resources.

Better communication

With the help of Agile Teams at Scale, better communication between teams and departments is promoted. This can lead to an improved working atmosphere and higher employee motivation.

More transparency

Agile Teams at Scale enable greater transparency in the organization as all teams participate in common goals and workflows. This creates a unified understanding and clear view of the organization's goals.

Higher customer orientation

Close cooperation between the teams ensures that customer needs are quickly identified and met.

Overall, Agile Teams at Scale offer your organisation the opportunity to respond faster and more efficiently to changing demands and needs. You can increase productivity and quality and better meet customer needs. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately to greater business success.


So far we offer this service in the following industries: Certification, Automotive, Logistics.


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