Intelligent solutions for more efficient work and fewer routine tasks.

We give you the edge with Big Data, Machine Learning and state-of-the-art AI technology. To this end, we design and implement software solutions for individual challenges and convincing ideas.

Roadmapping & Ideation

We navigate safely through the world of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In doing so, we show you how data and algorithms can advance your products and innovations. We find potentials and use cases, identify suitable data sources and develop practicable approaches to highly specific questions. Our main focus is on the transfer of versatile AI technology to concrete, specific applications.

Data Science & Machine Intelligence

We unleash the full potential of your data. By synthesising creativity and accuracy, we create reliable forecasts, efficient optimisations and reveal hidden patterns in your data. To secure you a sustainable competitive advantage, we develop algorithms and statistical methods to the limit of what is possible.

Data Visualization & Storytelling

We transform abstract issues into meaningful visualizations and diagrams. This is where art and science meet. We capture the story of your data. Our team finds the best way to extract the message contained in the data. We communicate insights from the data clearly and intuitively to the target audience. Our web applications make it easy for you to see connections and patterns in big data to gain valuable insight.

  • Methodology &

    Within only 4-6 weeks we bring your data to life. The result is a software prototype that is tailored to your very specific needs. It illustrates the possible uses and potentials of your data, combined with powerful algorithms and intelligent visualisations.



    Watch your Big Data project grow from sprint to sprint. With each iteration, newly gained insights and potentials are discussed together. Questions and solutions are questioned, refined and adapted. You remain flexible and can address current issues and readjust the objectives at any time.



    A quick solution to a problem is often to create an Excel spreadsheet. In the long run, however, this has its limitations, because Excel is not designed for mapping business processes. We transform Excel-based solutions into sustainable business software.


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