Does in-house software have to be a hassle? No, it doesn't. We developed our own customised solution. Heimat has answers to the questions of colleagues, the HR department and controlling.

The tool for agile organisations

Does this sound familiar? Everyone is motivated and committed to working on projects. But when it comes to time recording, vacation requests, sick leave or the internal exchange of information, motivation drops. Because many organizations fall back on poor solutions. However, good in-house software can save time and money. Heimat was developed specifically for agile organisational forms.

Following Conway's Law

Hierarchies are out of place in agile organisations. The same applies to in-house software for agile companies. Heimat is therefore modular and can be freely adapted depending on the organisational structure. The first choice: build your own solution. The second: Heimat.

For the colleagues

The focus is on our employees, who want to get on with their work without disruptions and obstacles. Heimat provides orientation and an overview so that everyday work goes smoothly.

  • Hey Collegue

    All colleagues at a glance. Quickly find who you are looking for.

    • Sort by location, subject area or special role
    • Fast access to contact details
    • Details on the profile pages
  • Your profile

    Your profile gives your colleagues an overview of your projects, skills and a bit of your personality.

    • You can introduce yourself to your colleagues
    • Show what you can do and what experience you have
    • Your project overview reveals what you have already achieved
  • The projects

    Always the best team. A lot of our work revolves around projects. The value creation of our teams takes place here. So it makes sense to have a project overview.

    • Which projects are the teams working on?
    • Overview of project members
    • Request and add competences
  • Book times

    Booking times is like brushing your teeth, child's play. Daily is best. Heimat makes it easy to overcome this small hurdle.

    • Intuitive time recording, even with an app
    • Or would you prefer to do it via CLI? No problem
    • Monthly view with overview of booked times
    • Overtime and unplanned holidays at a glance
  • The Newsstream

    Important news is automatically posted across projects and topics.

    • New colleagues introduce themselves
    • A project is in the starting blocks
    • Project staffing changes
  • Areas of expertise & competences

    Which services do we already have on board and who can serve with which competences?

    • Organisation according to specialist areas / competence centre / field of knowledge
    • Overview of the competences / services of an area
    • Quickly find competence holder
  • Holiday & Sabbatical

    Holiday or sick? Parental leave or sabbatical? Booked with a few clicks

    • Planning employment time
    • Book absences
    • Holiday planning firmly under control

For the Human Resources Department

Applicants become employees. A clear application process bundles the effort for the HR department and all those involved. It flows seamlessly into the personnel file.

  • All applications at a glance

    HR teams process applications quickly and accurately.

    • Automated receipt of applications
    • Always know which appointment is coming up next
    • Efficient coordination of HR teams
    • Attend to applicants quickly
  • Talent pool

    Sometimes everything fits – except the timing.

    • DSGVO-compliant inclusion in our talent pool
    • Reactivate the application
    • No talent forgotten
  • Statistics

    Many applications processed but still few hires? The statistics board reveals the reason for this.

    • Recruiting key figures on the spot
    • Monitor the quality of the application process
    • Derive improvement measures

For controlling

Monthly financial statements, personnel deployment overview and performance records are generated automatically and can be customised.

            • Monthly report with just a few clicks

              Colleagues from Controlling enjoy the clear monthly report generated by Heimat.

              • Quickly recognise what does not yet fit
              • Absences and holidays at a glance
              • Clear marking of absenteeism
              • Conclusion per employee or all with one click
            • Performance records

              • Customer-specific performance records
              • Multiple filters and configurations
              • Preparation for invoicing
            • Keeping an eye on staff deployment

              • Identify and avoid overtime at an early stage
              • Check project allocation
              • Many filters and configurations possible
            Why did we call our software Heimat — 'Home'? We want our employees to enjoy going there, to feel they are in good hands and understood. A business software that conveys a sense of "we". Heimat is a place for everyone. Heimat, quite simply.


            Are you looking for a new Heimat for your teams and your internal processes? I will be happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you.

            Luisa Schaugg

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