Your office is everywhere.

The "flexible working" model

Different life situations and types of work also call for different models of cooperation. That's why our teams can make their own arrangements.

  • Marking meetings – on-site, virtual or walkable?

  • Why not move the daily meeting outside as a 'walkable meeting'? Or work as a team in the office only on fixed days? What matters is transparency and clear agreements.

The team matters

Are all colleagues at the same location? Is a customer attending the appointment? Is someone supporting from another location?

The circumstances are different in every team. We decide together where and how to work. Meetings such as review, retro and planning are often more effective together in the office than virtually. Dailies and one-on-one meetings can also be done remotely.

  • Office or home?

    Complete work equipment includes a MacBook, iPhone, monitor, mouse, keyboard and an ergonomics package. Where these things are primarily used, whether in the office or at home, is up to each. Fortunately, a MacBook fits in any backpack.