No one wants poor usability.

We can't achieve a good user experience by just asking users what they want. We need to work with them to find out what they need with prototypes that feel real. Or, better yet, by delivering features and observing users as they use them.

That's why we offer training courses with a lot of practical relevance, in which we not only learn methodological skills, but also share empirical values.

User Experience – our training offer

  • User-centered Design

    Basic training

    In this training you will learn what 'user-centered design' really means. Following the motto 'hands-on', we approach the topic in a practical way through small exercises. This will make it easier to implement in everyday project work.


  • Usability Testing

    Basic Training

    You want to put a product through its paces? Find out whether it really works for the users and uncover potential for improvement? Then you've come to the right place. In this practical training you will learn how to set up, carry out and evaluate usability tests correctly.


  • Leading UX Workshops

    Basic training

    Together we look at the topic of "UX Workshop", from preparation to evaluation. We go through helpful methods and best practices and give you practical examples.


  • Workshop Preparation

    Basic training

    Due to frequent feedback that a practical session would be a helpful addition to the "Leading UX Workshops" training, this format is now available as a follow-up! Together we prepare an exemplary workshop and dive into the useful details.

  • Presentation Dojo

    Basic Training

    For all those who have to give presentations from time to time and would like to be more confident! In this recurring session, you will practise the structured preparation and successful delivery of professional presentations by giving short speeches.

  • UX Writing

    Basic training

    Do you write texts that users encounter in the UI? Whether buttons, labels, headlines or entire blocks of text this training is for everyone who would like to learn more about the field of "UX Writing". Together we will look at what constitutes meaningful wording and focus on optimal user guidance through textual content.


  • How Agile Teams Can Prioritize UX Work

    Advanced Training

    Are you interested in methods for prioritising UX work and would like to learn techniques to centralise them in agile teams? In this training format, we will watch the nngroup's one-hour presentation on "How Agile Teams Can Prioritise UX Work – Maximize your productivity and minimize frustrations" together and then go into an open discussion.

  • Figma Jam Session

    Advanced Training

    In this Jam Session we offer space for open exchange about the tool and its intricacies. We look at specific functions or procedures, discuss and thus teach each other new ways of solving problems.

to read

Nudge — Cass Sunstein, Richard H. Thaler

The Design of Everyday Things — Donald A. Norman

Jeff Patton & Associates — Professional articles that help focus on a successful outcome.

How Many Test Users in a Usability Study? – „The answer is 5, except when it's not. Most arguments for using more test participants are wrong, but some tests should be bigger and some smaller.“

Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users – „Some people think that usability is very costly and complex and that user tests should be reserved for the rare web design project with a huge budget and a lavish time schedule. Not true. The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.“

to watch

Nielsen Norman Group — Professional articles and short videos on UX and usability topics.

Design for Them Not for You – “It does not matter whether you like a design or whether you find the product easy to use. We must design for the way real customers actually behave.“

5 Users: Okay for Qual, Wrong for Quant – “The recommended sample size (the number of study participants) is very different for qualitative user testing (small N) and for quantitative research (big N). Here's why the recommendations differ.“

to listen

Future of UX — Podcast with Patricia Reiners and pioneers from the UX/Web design scene.

UI Breakfast — Podcast with Jane Portman and experts talking about UI/UX design, products and marketing.

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