Technical breadth, rather than technical depth.

Our daily challenge: reconciling product and architectural vision. This also means finding suitable trade-offs on the fly and making fundamental decisions with little information.

In our training courses we create a common understanding for this, so that the value of sustainable architectural work becomes known.

Enterprise Architecture — our training offer

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Essentials Training

    Agile teams are responsible for their own decisions. This also means that they are required to bear the consequences of their actions. To make this work, we will take a short tour of the topics of quality-oriented architecture decisions, architecture communication and domain-driven design in this training.


  • Domain Driven Design

    Basic training

    For microservices and modular monoliths, the recommendation is to cut modules and services technically. But what does that mean and how is it done? We want to practise and illustrate the procedure using the example of Heimat.


» My key insight: everything in software architecture is a tradeoff. This knowledge can help us get to the bottom of decisions and get better. «


Matthias – Software Developer about Architecture Essentials Training

to read

The Path to Becoming a Software Architect — Nikolay Ashanin

Fundamentals of Software Architecture – “Salary surveys worldwide regularly place software architect in the top 10 best jobs, yet no real guide exists to help developers become architects. Until now.“

Simplify! – About the author’s motivation: “When I look around, I see two evolutions that in combination worry me a lot: IT has become an indispensable part of everyday business and private life – and the complexity on the IT solution side grows all the time. Therefore, I wrote a blog series that discusses this evolution, its effects and what we can do about it.“

to watch

Software Architecture Monday — Learning videos about aspects of software architecture on the Developer to Architect knowledge platform.

The Architect Elevator: Connecting IT and the Boardroom – “This session prepares architects to “ride the elevator” between the IT engine room, where software is built, and the boardroom, where executive decisions are made. Learn from customer examples how developing a deeper understanding of a system’s architecture allows you to communicate clearly to a diverse set of stakeholders.“

Making Architecture Matter – “In the software world, architecture often gets a bad reputation. Martin Fowler talks about why it matters, and how we can pay attention to it without falling into traps.“

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