Be able to make real statements about quality.

Automated release cycles ensure quality and a short 'time to market'. To set them up, you need a good overview of project-specific requirements, possible tools and forward-looking technologies.

In our training courses, we develop this knowledge — from the basics to detailed expertise.

DevOps - our training offer

  • Performance Testing

    Basic Training

    What are Performance Tests? How do I measure correctly? What are suitable tools? Where do I start? How do I set up tests and test data? The training is intended to give an insight and introduction to the topic of performance testing and to provide a starting aid in the projects.


  • Linux/UNIX Basics and Shell Scripting

    Basic training

    This is the right place for all developers who script with shells in their projects or who are generally interested in Linux. In six short lessons you will learn the basics of Linux/UNIX-like operating systems using practical examples, get to know common POSIX standards and train the basics of shell scripting.


  • Docker

    Basic training

    Through theory and practical exercises, you will learn what Docker is all about and what benefits it brings to you and your team. Find out how you can easily work with our Docker Registry to successfully use Docker in your projects.


  • Jenkins

    Basic Training

    Why do we use Jenkins and what can I do with it? We use Jenkins to keep the build, deployment and test processes as consistent as possible in one place. The aim of the training is to give you an overview of the possibilities of Jenkins. In the process, you will learn how it can be used in the project and receive suggestions on how to optimise your current use.


  • Kubernetes

    Advanced Training

    The productive use of Docker is usually associated with Kubernetes. We go into the basic concepts of Kubernetes and deploy a small sample app on a local environment.


"Our trainer Pascal had an answer to every question and at the end we participants were also able to tackle concrete challenges. Therefore: predicate 'recommendable'! "

Harald - Senior Software Developer about the Docker Basis training course

to read

Continuous Delivery- Jez Humble, David Farley

Basic knowledge of test automation- Manfred Baumgartner, Stefan Gwihs, Richard Seidl, Thomas Steirer, Marc-Florian Wendland

Get into Kubernetes – On YouTrack, Emanuel has listed a number of useful resources that introduce the topic of Kubernetes. Especially people who want to learn Kubernetes will find a good introduction here.

to watch

Mastering Chaos - A Netflix Guide to Microservices- InfoQ

Avoiding Microservice Megadisasters- NDC Conferences

Learn How to Code a Container Using Go Code – “What is a container? Is it really a lightweight VM? What are namespaces and control groups? What does a host machine know about my containers? And what do my containers know about each other? In this talk Liz will live-code a container in a few lines of Go code, to answer all these questions and more.“

DevOps Unbound – “DevOps Unbound is an award-winning biweekly video/podcast series. It focuses on DevOps, automation, CI/CD and testing – featuring leaders in these areas. How do we go faster, smarter, with better quality?“

to listen

The Cloudcast- The industry's leading independent cloud computing podcast.

The Kubernetes Podcast- Weekly news and interview show from Google, with insights from the Kubernetes community.

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